Hillsborough county florida dating injunction

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In Florida a Petition for Protection Against Domestic Violence is given priority consideration by the court.

A judge will normally review the Petition within several hours of filing.

If a “one-sided” reading of the Petition satisfies the legal requirement for an injunction, the judge will sign the order and grant the injunction.

The judge will not try to figure out truth or lies during that first reading.

Restraining orders and domestic violence injunctions can have an earth-shaking effect on any divorce case involving custody and parenting issues.

A restraining order is free to file, is quick in its effect, and can give an incredible tactical advantage to the filing party.

If you are involved in a future complaint with Child Protective Services (CPS) or a subsequent custody dispute, the issue of failing to protect a child from an environment involving domestic violence may be considered by the court.

However, failure to oppose a restraining order means that there will be no evidence offered to rebut the evidence presented by the alleged victim.

He has been very professional and knowledgeable in leading us through the legal processes.

Domestic violence is an extremely serious issue, and can give grounds for a restraining order, also known as a domestic violence injunction. Domestic Violence Injunction Court is especially busy in Florida, with dozens of daily cases filed in every Florida County.

In fact, the danger of serious violence against another can be initiated when a person acts on a decision to leave an abusive relationship.

Florida is one of the many states that has abolished fault as a basis for obtaining a divorce.

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While allegations of domestic violence ordinarily have merit, some accusers bring false charges against their spouses or partners in order to gain an advantage in divorce or custody proceedings.