How old was bow wow when he was dating ciara

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How old was bow wow when he was dating ciara

Rewind that.' "It's new to me and it's gonna be new to my fans," he concluded.

For many, Russell Wilson and Ciara are #relationshipgoals.

Let's just say it appears a feud is officially being declared. It all started when Bow Wow came up as a Hot Topic on "The Wendy Williams" show last week. Bow Wow and Ciara are both listed at 5'7" per Google.

She called out the rapper for his stage antics while performing his one-time Ciara collaboration "Like U." During that performance he took the time to tell his audience, "I had this bitch first. In response, Bow Wow doubled down with his own personal attack, body-shaming the talk show host via Twitter.

Still others pointed out that as Bow Wow has a daughter, he should know better than to go the body-shaming route.

In the latest episode of Bow Wow disclosed that he’d asking Ciara to marry him and she said yes.

"It's one of the most heartfelt records that I've ever done," Bow explained after appearing on "TRL" last week.

"It's about a certain relationship I was in, but how I feel about it now. I'm finally getting the opportunity to get that off my chest. And I'm just welcoming everybody into what's been going on from a year and a half ago until now with me.

So this album is not only for my fans, but for real rap heads.

I'm talking about things, when people hear this record they gonna be like, 'Sh--, I know he didn't just say that!

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But before the two became an item, Ciara and Bow Wow were.