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How to radioisotope dating

A common example is to test aeroplane jet engine turbines for structural integrity.

Radioisotopes are also used by industry for gauging (to measure levels of liquid inside containers, for example) or to measure the thickness of materials.

The radioactive decay process for each radioisotope is unique and is measured with a time period called a half-life.

One half-life is the time it takes for half of the unstable atoms to undergo radioactive decay.

The radioisotope attached to the targeting pharmaceutical will undergo decay and produce specific amounts of radiation that can be used to diagnose or treat human diseases and injuries.

The amount of radiopharmaceutical administered is carefully selected to ensure the safety of each patient.

Industry uses radioisotopes in a variety of ways to improve productivity and gain information that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Some hospitals have their own cyclotrons, which are generally used to make radiopharmaceuticals with short half-lives of seconds or minutes.Also used to irradiate fruit fly larvae in order to contain and eradicate outbreaks, as an alternative to the use of toxic pesticides. Used to trace sand movement in river beds and on ocean floors, and to trace sand to study coastal erosion.Also used to trace factory waste causing ocean pollution, and to study sewage and liquid waste movements. Nuclear medicine uses small amounts of radiation to provide information about a person's body and the functioning of specific organs, ongoing biological processes, or the disease state of a specific illness.They can also be defined as atoms that contain an unstable combination of neutrons and protons, or excess energy in their nucleus.The unstable nucleus of a radioisotope can occur naturally, or as a result of artificially altering the atom.

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About 25 different radiopharmaceuticals are routinely used in Australia's nuclear medicine centres.

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