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I didn't get to thank him for all he did, now I have all these pictures and mostly because his heart was in the right spot. Bortolotti Ottawa, Canada I think I have a picture of him in Rochester NY work for Judas Priest, if so I will submit it.Gungi, Farewell You were the first friend I made in high school, and probably the best friend I had for at least 6 years before our interests began to diverge.I suspect that this experience moulded the quality that has come through strongly on this notice board, that Gordon someone who cared about and looked after others. Gordon and I both left our roots in Cupar to pursue our schoolboy interests, in his case music, in mine sport.We both had the opportunity to travel the world, mix with the very best and to do something that we love doing.Perhaps the reason is that I hold you so closely with endearing thoughts and memories of a wonderful, wonderful human being..made such an impact on me...then, and still today. And with that, I send you only the bestest ju-ju back at you my dearest.

We often walked to school together and through this became friends.Andrews, I would very much like to be part of that in some way, as I live fairly close by in Forfar.Would certainly like to express my sympathy to the family!I am grateful to have a neutral place to lay my words. I remember he always went out of his way to help me, backstage passes, photo passes or just taking pictures from the sound board and I didn't really know him that well.It makes me feel better like you always made me feel; better. I will always remember the time he hooked me up to photograph Van Halen the next night after the Judas Priest show and he was working for Priest.

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His name is Gordon Paterson, we lived close to each other in Cupar, where we both went to Bell Baxter High School.