Is chef james dating anyone now

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Is chef james dating anyone now

During dinner service, she was on the meat station with Robyn.On entrées, Ramsay saw that her Wellington had raw dough, and called it a joke after asking her if she wanted him to serve it.

As the women tried to study, Christina was seen playfully spanking Dana.Later, she served yet another Wellington with raw pastry, a fed-up Ramsay compared it to snot, and ordered the women to shut down their kitchen as she nearly came close tears, lamented her poor performance, and was down about not bouncing back.Despite that, the red team won the service as they served all their appetizers compared to the blue team’s zero.During the reward, she deemed Ramsay a cool cat outside the kitchen.During prep, Christina noticed the tension between Barbie and Robyn, but hoped the women could still act like a team, before expecting a brawl in the dorms.

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During her time as a contestant, Christina was one of the most sane women on a notoriously aggressive and cutthroat red team, though she had an unwanted short-lived running feud with Robyn, she developed a friendship with Danielle and a close one with Dana.

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