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"To most people it's just a catfish, and externally it looks a lot like an ictalurid, the family to which all North American freshwater catfishes belong," said Dean Hendrickson, one of the discoverers, said in a prepared statement."But once we got into the skeleton, we started seeing all these weird things." The catfish are somewhat rare.At Facebook, Van Natta had been chief operating officer until an executive reshuffling last summer placed him into his present role.

More recently, he said, there were attacks on the Ukraine in the fall of 2007; Chinese national attacks on in April 2008; and attacks upon the Democratic voice of Burma in July.

Researchers studying botnets have reported an increase in attacks on Georgian Web sites, including that of the country's president, within the last two weeks.

While the attacks--Web site defacement and denial-of-service packet floods--are reminiscent of the Internet attacks waged against Estonia in May 2007 , Jose Nazario, security researcher for Arbor Networks, told CNET News that he's seeing evidence that Georgia is apparently fighting back, attacking at least one Moscow-based newspaper site.

They can improve fuel efficiency by up to 29 percent.

The standard-equipped Prius battery, recharged by the sun, will take you about two miles at under 35 miles per hour.

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As to the source, Nazario said that "almost all of the attacks are broadly and globally sourced.