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Naturally, if a cached entity gets modified, the corresponding cache entry must be updated (or purged from the cache), too.As long as the data changes are done through Hibernate ORM, this is nothing to worry about: the ORM will update the cache automatically.For instance, the wudu of a person is invalidated if his eyes are watered due to an illness.

11 – When the time for a prayer ends, wudu of an excused person is invalidated.According to Shafiis, wudu is invalidated when the skin of a woman and a man touches each other.According to Malikis and Hanbalis, wudu is invalidated if sexual pleasure is felt when the skins touch each other.* According to Shafiis, even the laughter in the prayer does not invalidate wudu. According to Hanafis, if the skins of a man and a woman touches each other, their wudus are not invalidated; however, if a woman and a man touches each other while they are naked or if they touch each other with lust without a garment that will prevent them from feeling the heat of their bodies, or if they caress and hug each other like that, their wudus are invalidated.Most of the Hanafi scholars decide that the contact is extreme when the sexual organ of the man becomes erect; however, Imam Muhammad holds the view that unless a wetness like madi (pre-coital fluid) comes out, wudu is not invalidated.

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For instance, tears that flow due to crying or laughing a lot or running of the nose due to cold weather will not invalidate wudu.

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