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She's just finished a period drama, Pierre et Jeune with an unknown cast and there's a desire for something meatier. Somebody wicked and funny." She'd love the opportunity to work with her goddaughter, Angelina Jolie after their scenes together in Mr and Mrs Smith (as Brad Pitt's mother) hit the cutting room floor.

"It was a shame those scenes were cut but I'd love the chance to work together again.

And they put make-up on to my eyes, and photos of it, to show I had mascara on underneath the mask. Those seductive green eyes and imperious poise have remained relatively untouched by her 69 years. But the roles, particularly in the past decade, have been criminally sporadic and largely underserved of the beauty, who's also Angelina Jolie's godmother.

But a clinging wet tee-shirt seems to eclipse it all. Newsweek declared her 'the most beautiful actress of all time'.

"It's a boring referral that annoys me," she says, of the opening sequence in Peter Yates' 1977 sub aqua classic, The Deep. "It was a wonderful adventure with Nick Nolte and Robert Shaw, but at the same time, enough already.

In nothing more than a snorkelling mask and aforementioned white tee, audiences were transfixed as the lithe beauty dived beneath the waves, spear in hand. "I don't think it's sexy, diving and holding on to my stick. I can't bring myself to look at it." Never married, though she has had lengthy romances with the Russian actor-dancer Alexander Godunov, the actor Michael Sarrazin, and Swiss actor Vincent Pérez, Jacqueline remains a lasting sex symbol.

The plot is a loose interpretation of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair, with Bisset offering a vague portrayal of wife, Anne Sinclair, a magnetic, vocal personality within the French media who stood by her husband during his famous trial.

"It's one of the worst things for a woman to go through, humiliation and anger and hurt.

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