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Ticket ticket = new Ticket(); Company("ABC Bank"); Flight("New York","San Francisco"); ....

Object Factory factory = new Object Factory(); Ticket booking = factory.create Ticket(); ....

The typed JAXBElement corresponds to the root element complex Type of your XML document.

Then use the generated Object Factory class as follows: ....

Unmarshalling an XML document is when you create a Java representation of an XML document and, subsequently, retrieve element and attribute values in the XML document.

Binding runtime framework To unmarshall an XML document, you create an unmarshaller from the context.

Marshaller marshaller = jaxb Context.create Marshaller(); ....

JAXBElement JAXB 2.0 simplifies the use of XML content in Java applications.

Binding compiler The JAXB binding compiler (or xbj) lets you generate Java classes from a given XML schema.

The JAXB binding compiler transforms an XML schema into a collection of Java classes that match the structure described in the XML schema.

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With the deprecation of the Validating() in favor of the Schema() method, however, validation is only available when an XSD is present.