Jian shenzen dating

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Jian shenzen dating

In November 1979, Bao'an County (宝安县) was promoted to prefecture level, directly governed by Guangdong province. The administrative centre of the county stood approximately around the present location of Dongmen.

Shenzhen was singled out to be the first of the five Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in May 1980.

Shenzhen is on the list of UNESCO Creative Cities and ranked second on the list of ‘Top 10 cities to visit in 2019' by Lonely Planet.

Initially, the SEZ comprised an area of only 327.5 km2 (126.4 sq mi) of southern Shenzhen, covering the current Luohu, Futian, Nanshan and Yantian districts.

The SEZ was created to be an experimental ground for the practice of market capitalism within a community guided by the ideals of "socialism with Chinese characteristics".

Visitors also increasingly recognise fascinating historical sites, such as impressive forts and temples and sites related to Hakka culture and Hong Kong's annexation after the Opium Wars, which are scattered throughout the suburban area.

Shenzhen attracted relatively small numbers of international visitors prior to the Lonely Planet 'top 10 cities to visit in 2019' second placing.

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