Leo male and dating traits dating a nerdy guy

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Leo male and dating traits

She comes with an epic and alluring smile that can change anything in this planet earth.

Deep inside her heart, she knows that she can accomplish anything beyond the sun. She hates to sit down as she waits for something to happen.

A Leo personality is characterized by inborn leadership qualities.

These individuals prefer to be in authoritative positions.

They are known to be proud and egoistic individuals who like to protect whatever they think is their own.

However, the magnificence and magnanimity of Leos can't be gauged only by their outgoing nature and big heart.According to Leo woman traits, she is an intellectual, creative and witty woman.That is why there are lots of Leo’s personalities in the entertainment industry.A person born under the Leo sign can exhibit two extreme behavioral traits i.e.of being energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing or being laid-back (not introverted though).

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To think and act big is one of the specialties of Leos. This is also the reason why they are vulnerable to getting hurt.

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