Love relationship couple dating to italy

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As with all Latinos, they are full of passion and know exactly what they want.

Whilst being decisive and independent, the Italian man will love and cherish his partner and make sure that his relationship follows a smooth road to success.

There are regional differences in what is eaten and how food is prepared.

In general, more veal is consumed in the north, where meals tend to be lighter.

Modern Italy is seeing the typical role of gender disappearing and losing power, males and females know and appreciate that co-operation between the sexes is essential in the maintenance of a good relationship.

Religion is an important part of their culture and many, if not most, believe in God.

Traditionally, a large lunch was served up for the midday meal, and pasta was generally part of the meal in all regions, along with soup, bread, and perhaps meat or fish. More recently, the family tends to see the evening meal as the main family meal.

The custom of the siesta is changing, and a heavy lunch may no longer be practical.

So, whether you’re Italian, American, or any other nationality, if you’re dating someone from Italy be prepared for the partnership to lead towards marriage.Classes and castes in Italy There is a vast difference in wealth between the north and the south.There are also the usual social classes that are found in industrial society.Italy is a middle-sized country, rich in culture, and hangs leg-like from southern Europe. As we said before, Italians love fashion, which can be noticed on almost every street corner, especially in Milan.They also love theatre, festivals, art, and great food – Mediterranean cuisine – one of the reasons why they are usually in such good health.

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Southern cooking has the reputation of being heavier and more substantial than northern cooking. For example, there is special Saint Joseph's bread, Easter bread with hard–boiled eggs, Saint Lucy's "eyes" for her feast day, and the Feast of the Seven Fishes for New Year's Eve.

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