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Craigslist is a great service but if you deal with people you aren’t meeting face to face you risk getting scammed.

Craigslist is a great resource for selling things, finding apartments, locating services and meeting people.

Don’t add your name to the growing list of Craigslist fraud victims.

Be smart, be aware and if in doubt ask your friends or someone with internet savvy what they think if things sound fishy.

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You’d be surprised at how many people type in the wrong address and end up somewhere they didn’t mean to.

People often fail to realize their mistake so pay attention to any clues telling you that something is “phishy” about the site.

Just make sure that you haven’t ended up at some other common misspelling of the Craigslist domain.

If you’re selling something and you think a con artist has expressed interest, forward it to “[email protected]” There some sites out there that attempt to capitalize on Craigslist’s success.

Some have similar domain names and the owner’s hope that you will make mistake while typing in the URL and end up on their site instead of the one you intended.

Emails from Nigeria offering you more than your selling price if you accept their check or money order are typical.

The fact that this is a scam may seem obvious but there are lots of variations on this theme that fool people every day.

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In the offer I mentioned earlier both Oregon and California were misspelled and English was obviously not their native language.

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