Mandating videotaping of interrogations

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New York State should require recording of interrogations for two very simple reasons. It's a valuable tool to substantiate correct convictions, and minimize wrongful convictions.

This can help enhance communities' faith in police and the criminal justice process.

In this review, we identify suspect characteristics (e.g., adolescence; intellectual disability; mental illness; and certain personality traits), interrogation tactics (e.g., excessive interrogation time; presentations of false evidence; and minimization), and the phenomenology of innocence (e.g., the tendency to waive rights) that influence confessions as well as their effects on judges and juries.

But a year after Kelly pledged the department would begin videotaping interrogations from start to finish in murder and sex crimes, two-thirds of detective squads in the city had not yet begun recording interrogations of any kind.

According to the police department's former chief spokesman, John J.

Indeed, twenty years' worth of social science research on false confessions indicates that having recorded interrogations would dramatically increase the ability of prosecutors, investigators, jurors and judges to assess the validity of a confession.

Second, it is necessary because research indicates that false confessions are quite common; nationwide, 28% of the DNA exonerations involved a false confession or admission, and in New York State, 44 percent of recent DNA exonerations involved a false confession or a false admission.

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