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Married dating in norseland minnesota

Norberg intended to make his home at Chisago Lake, where the former island, on which Center City is now situated, for many years was called "Norbergsholmen" by the Swedes, but died at Bishop Hill, while on a visit, in 1853.

For a long time the lake was called Swede Lake, until its present name was permanently adopted. Unonius, in Chicago, Roos, together with two other young men, Fernstrdm and Sandahl, went to Minnesota. He served as justice of the peace and county commissioner and also filled some town offices.

Dahl- hjelm's wife, Ulrika Pfeiff, belonged to the Swedish nobility.

A son of Dahlhjelm, Claes Dahlhjelm, born in Vallerstad, Ostergotland, July 3?

Chisago Lake is conspicuous for its size, the clearness of its waters, its winding shore and islands, its bays, peninsulas, capes and promon- tories. Its shores and islands are well timbered with maple and other hard woods. Being well pleased with the locality, Norberg came back with a colony of Swedes, including Peter Berg, Andrew Swenson, Peter Anderson, Peter Sjolin, Daniel Rattig, and Jonas W r es- terlund.

They came by steamboat, landed at Taylor's Falls June 24, 1851, cut a road to Chisago lake and took undisputed possession of its shores, finding no trace of human occupancy save some deserted Indian tepees and the claim cabin of a Air. Peter Berg settled on the east part of lot 3, section 35 and southwest quarter of southwest quarter of section 26, township 34, range 20.

Oscar Roos could claim the honor of having been, probably, the first Swedish settler not only in Chisago county, but in Minnesota. They arrived in Marine, Washington county, in October, 1850. Louis River military road." Roos made his headquarters at Marine, working at timbering and logging until 1860, when he settled at Taylor's Falls, and was appointed postmaster at that place. He was engrossing clerk of the house of repre- sentatives in 1864.

He was born in Vestergotland in 1827 and came to America in 1850, locating during the first summer at Rock Island, Illinois, but in the fall coming to Taylor's Falls. During 1851-1852 Roos, with other new- comers, worked on the road which the United States government was then building from Mississippi to Lake Superior and which for quite SWEDISH-AMERICANS OF MINNESOTA 369 a distance is running along the St. In the same year he was elected register of deeds in Chi- sago county, which office he held for eight years. Nord now lives a retired life at the Park Hotel, Center City. He was a member of the house in the sessions of 1865 and in 1875.

On ac- count of the uneven condition of the "roads," the "hubs" soon were worn so they lost their circular shape, which gave to the vehicle a very shaky and uneven movement not altogether pleasant for travel.In its aboriginal form it was Ki-chi-saga ; from two Chippewa words meaning, "Kichi," large, and "Saga," fair or lovely. From there he moved to the state of Michigan, where he lived until 1848, when he came to Bishop Hill, Illinois, became a member of the Eric Jansson colony, and, in the same year married Brita Johnson from Ostrunda parish, Vestmanland. When Norberg came to the beautiful Chisago lake from Bishop Hill, in April, 1850, he certainly found it what its Indian name imparts, "fair and lovely water." The government had, in 1850, completed a survey of the lake and it was high time that it should be given a name, by which it should be designated on the map and recognized by civilized visitors.For euphonic considerations the first syllable was dropped. As he was a well edu- cated man, having filled the office of sheriff (lansman) in his native province, he became a very prominent and useful member of the colony. namely: Gustaf Norberg, a leading attorney '367 3 68 SWEDISH-AMERICANS OF MINNESOTA of Holdrege, Nebraska, and Airs. What name more beautiful and appropriate than that which the Indians had already given it?Anders Swenson bought two of those, and Per Wiklund one.The first really good yoke of oxen in the settlement belonged to Daniel Rattig and Peter Shaleen, and they rented them to the farmers for plowing at five dollars a day.

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Late in the fall of 1851 arrived at Chisago Lake, in extremely poor circumstances, a former sergeant in the Swedish army, by the name of A. Dahlhjelm from Ostergotland, at the time of his coming an old man.