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Monogamous dating

Monogamous queer and fluid women get messages like this all the time too, but say you’re openly non-monogamous and fluid, and people assume they can be even more forward and objectifying.“If you’re running your profile as a couple, bear in mind that any woman you send a message to has probably already received 20 proposals similar in nature, and your chances are slim.

If the idea itself makes you upset and jealous to the point that you refuse, that’s also worth noting — perhaps dating someone who’s non-monogamous is OK with you in theory, but not in reality.

Now, that’s all standard conversation before we get to bed.

The fact that my partner’s health is also on the line has made me more serious about protecting my own health.

They might be down for a casual relationship or casual sex, but you’re likely going to talk about sex and feelings way more than you would in a normal hookup.

Before I was non-monogamous, I rarely asked someone’s STI status, when they’d last been tested, or how many other partners they were sleeping with.

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Winston suggests starting out by saying something like, “I notice that you mention non-monogamy in your profile.