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Think about that—most of what you learn in class has outside of law school. Your entire grade is based on one final exam at the end of the semester.Law school professors all use the same basic test format and look for the same basic type of answers.The students are no better; the ones constantly raising their hands to talk (they’re called “gunners”) are all pompous suck-ups, and add nothing of value to the conversation.

You’re not going to be top of your class doing this, but you can easily graduate in the middle.I know for CPR I probably should have given him mouth-to-mouth, but fuck that—if the Heimlich worked, I wouldn’t have to put my lips on the puke-filled mouth of some random dude.He immediately starts coughing and all kinds of shit comes spitting from his mouth and nose.I just kept bugging every one of the travel services, making sure they knew how awesome I was until one hired me for the spring break season. When you spot market inefficiencies you don’t tip your cap and go on your merry way. So in the middle of the second semester of my 2L year, with all my law school classes still in session, I left North Carolina for Cancun. I would show up at the day party, get hammered, go fuck some girl, take a nap, go to the night party, get hammered again, and fuck another girl. These are some of the funnier stories—at least the ones I can remember—from my time there: WHY TO LEARN CPR This incident happened at the famous bar Pat O’Brien’s.They paid me like 0 a week, plus expenses and accommodations … I woke up every morning sending out AMBER Alerts for my dignity … If you’ve never been to Cancun or done this kind of “job,” it’s hard to understand what a fucking shitshow it is. There is a huge outdoor bar area that is grassy and hilly.

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THE CANCUN STORIES Occurred, Spring Break 2000 I worked in Cancun, Mexico for six full weeks during my second year at Duke Law School.

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