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Official online dating statistics

Where do you look for a wife who would be a supporting partner and a skillful homemaker — if this is one of your priorities, of course?

There are plenty of regions that can offer single men just that.

Of course, they all have cultural peculiarities of their own, so let’s go over the primary areas for brides hunting to see if we can paint a generalized picture of a beautiful mail order bride.

Asian women are perfect brides for men who want to be in charge.Still, no man will mistake an Asian for any other nationality in the world.No matter if a bride comes from China or Nepal, men will always be attracted by her Orient charm.A lot of platforms will describe these beautiful brides as ladies from tough economic and cultural environments, and in some cases, such an assumption would not be too far from the truth.However, it’s unwise to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the multitude of women who join international dating sites.

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It’s true that some ladies come from developing counties; however, not all of them — you can find plenty of British, French, German, and Scandinavia brides online as well.

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