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Stay-together secrets from country music's hottest couples: how Brad and Kimberly, Clint and Lisa, Amy and Vince, and other stars keep their romance strong, their priorities straight, and their home life happy Kimberly and Brad: City Girl, Country Boy When Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams first began dating, the odds were not in their favor." data-single-variant="false" data-url="/collections/womens-activewear-tops/products/stella-sports-bra" data-title="Stella Sports Bra - Grey" data-details-text="View full details" data-full-description="It’s all eyes on you when you hit the gym in one of our signature Reckless Girls sports bras.V-neck silhouette comes with thick branded bust band for enhanced support."I used to be pretty judgmental back then," he says.Then they had dinner together — and afterward both were convinced that something important had happened.

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That when you get married, you have sealed what it will be like to wake up every day for the rest of your life.