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It’s possible to get travel in Iran on less than ten dollars a day if you simply take to the road and stick out your thumb. ) is unbelievably easy, the longest I ever had to wait for a ride was about ten minutes and although many drivers didn’t really understand the concept of hitching they were always keen to help out a bedraggled backpacker standing upon the side of the road.I hitched a total of around 2000km in Iran and found that hitching was one of the best ways to meet a very diverse group of people.Luckily, you can get around this by installing a VPN on your phone – an app which bounces your phone location to another, more lenient, part of the world. Just avoid letting her behind the wheel of your brand new party tuk-tuk (if you guys aren’t following me on snapchat yet, you really should be – @wthatton) because…I’ve been nearly run over in close to fifty countries around the world.Many friends and colleagues told me that travelling to Iran was bound to be difficult and fraught with danger at every turn – I was told that sex, drugs, hitchhiking and Couchsurfing, a few of my favourite pastimes, would all be impossible while travelling in Iran…Despite almost everybody I knew having a strong opinion, there were six things that nobody told me about travel in Iran….

Couchsurfing is illegal but, like everything, it happens and it is very easy to find hosts in most major cities.Traveling solo in Iran is a truly rewarding experience, but for some people, the country seems like a challenge to tackle alone.Iran is a country with heaps to see and do, but experiencing the best, lesser-known about places and communities not found on the typical tourist trail requires some local knowledge and insider connections.Nina and my love of Iran, as well as our unique insider knowledge and contacts within the country, came together to devise this EPIC Iranian adventure itinerary that connects foreign backpackers with authentic adventure and cultural experiences.This I’ll admit it, before I got to Iran, I was kind of expecting everybody to be wearing jet black burkhas.

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The first vehicle I ever controlled, a motorbike in Vietnam, I sent hurtling off a cliff. Whilst smiling, joking and gently chewing on pistachios, Iranians will tackle blind corners at a hundred miles an hour, wrenching the steering wheel from side to side in an attempt to hit as many bystanders as possible.

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