Pitfalls of dating

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If they misrepresent themselves in age or other matters, then justify it, they are letting you know that for them, lying is okay and the means justify the ends.

Something about the anonymity and enormous supply in online dating can lead some to treat others as disposable. 3) Assess character Some good ways to assess a person’s character include paying attention to: 4) Don’t take things personally Most people are just trying to get their needs met.

Circulating is a big part of meeting the right person.

6) Be hard-nosed about being soft-hearted Online dating can bring out the worst or the best in people. You may find it empowering to strive to be the best you in your dealings with people online.

There is no way to know for sure why someone is online.

You can’t necessarily trust that they will tell you the truth.

If you connect with people online, despite what they say, it is difficult to know if they want a long-term relationship, multiple lovers, are just testing the waters, are trying to assess their attractiveness, are just playing games, are already in another relationship, have multiple connections, or are trying to make a previous or existing lover jealous.

Discernment is key in having a positive, successful online dating experience.

2) Notice what they do, not what they say If people promise to call you back but don’t, they have shown you something about themselves.Given all these factors it makes sense to keep your expectations low.At the same time, becoming cynical may interfere with you meeting the kind of person you seek.It is important to allow yourself those feelings, be kind and compassionate to yourself, and tally lessons for the next time.But if someone is ambivalent or isn’t interested in you, no matter how attractive they may have seemed, they cannot by definition be the right person for you.

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And many people who have been online have experienced rude, insensitive or flaky people who act hurtfully or simply disappear for no apparent reason.

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