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Problem updating windows live essentials

As you may have heard, Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been released.It will be available through Windows Update (WU) in the coming weeks, starting October 19th.Follow the given below directions to download, install and setup Windows Live Mail on Windows 10.Step 1: Click here to download the web setup of Windows Live Essentials 12.For popular services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail, you don’t need to manually configure server settings.Click Yes button when you see the confirmation prompt.

Windows Live Essentials 2011 cannot be installed on Windows XP computers.

Step 4: Once the account is added, you will see “Your email account was added” message.

Live Mail might take some time to sync your account.

While there is nothing wrong with the interface or features offered, the Mail doesn’t always work for most users.

Users have been experiencing variety of issues with the Mail app right from day one of Windows 10’s release.

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