Problems with dating a masseuse

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The woman, who sports pigtails and a Superman babydoll tee, is pushing on the front wall of my vagina with her fingers. The Western style of yoni massage that I'm getting most likely traces back to Joseph Kramer's and Annie Sprinkle's experimentations with sensual massage in the early '90s.

The masseuse claims the treatment will "activate the chi energy within the body to allow intuitive healing and release to happen." Yoni massage and other tantric practices, she explains, can enhance people's sex lives by teaching them self-respect and intuition.

Now, one can schedule a yoni in most major cities in the West, and it's part of a growing movement of sexual healing for women.

The most famous example of the rise in spiritual sex therapy is the orgasmic meditation group One Taste, which, according to journalist Sarah Barmak, has gone from having about 50 members to tens of thousands in just a few years.

A continuous light stroke on the clitoris is a good first step too.

And while I'm not sure that I have an "emotional blockage," I want to carry with me Kalenteris's promise that I'm not broken and reprogramming is possible.But in the days leading up to my appointment, my nerves tip me off that it's about more than that.While I don't have issues with orgasm, I do have pretty severe depressive episodes sometimes, which can make me feel sluggish and less than sexy.Many women tighten up and almost stop breathing during sex, but if the body is already relaxed, your release will be even stronger.My vagina massage didn't cause an automatic release of all my alleged negative energy.

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