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Pschology dating

Men and women with similar questionnaires responses and found each other more attractive were more likely to remember each other’s names and request a second date.

Many people are using online dating services; thought to help people focus on similar interests/ views.

People in problematic communication relationships aren’t weaker at communication but rather using their communication skills combatively/ as a weapon instead of to help resolve the issue.

Most people meet through: 1) Friends (1/3), School, Family and Religious Events.

Love stories are self-confirming and very difficult to change.

JEALOUSLY: cognitive, emotional and behavioural response to a threat to an interpersonal relationship.

Best way to communicate is via “I language”; help to facilitate resolution “I feel…., I don’t like..” stop your partner from becoming defensive.

Minding Reading: making assumption about what your partner is thinking or feels.

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