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But the good news is, it is within your power to fully control which emails you get from Linked In and when you get them.

To change your email settings could to your Privacy & Settings, select the Communications tab on the right hand side of the screen and click the Change option under Email Frequency: When a list of new options entitled Which emails do you want to receive?

Chances are you’ve spend a lot of time building up a good network of colleagues, friends, people you’ve worked with, people you’ve done business with, and candidates you’ve met on Linked In and in doing so you’ve built up a really strong network of connections. Well, at the moment one of the default settings on your Linked In profile is making your connections available for anyone to see. All they need to do is click on the number of connections you have, as detailed on your Linked In profile, and they will be brought to a list of all your connections where they can view and search them: To stop other people viewing your list of connections, go to your Privacy & Settings, select the Privacy tab in the centre of the screen and click the Change option under Who can see your connections: From the dropdown menu, select Only you: Our recommendation: Leaving your valuable network of connections available for anyone to view is of no benefit to you.

But the question is, do you just want to give that away? You’ve spent the time building this network and only you should reap the rewards for doing so.

you will no longer be able to see anyone who has viewed your profile.Choosing to be anonymous yourself means that you turn off your “Who’s viewed my profile” feature and loose any data relating to anyone who has viewed your profile. Our recommendation: We recommend that you set this to show your name and headline so that you have the ability to gather leads about the people who choose to view your profile.Think about it: when you run a search and you’ve looked at maybe ten people, if two of those ten people see on their profile that you’ve viewed theirs and they decide to check you out, what is that? A signal that they want to know who this recruiter is that’s viewed their profile.And they can do so by clicking the dropdown arrow at the side of the Send In Mail/Connect , Send a Message or View profile as button on your profile page, and selecting the View Recent Activity Option: To stop people who are not your connections seeing your Linked In activity, all you need to do go to your Privacy & Settings, select the Privacy tab in the centre of the screen and click the Change option under Followers in the Blocking and Hiding section: Then select Your connections from the two options that appear.Choosing Everyone lets people outside your network follow your public updates.

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