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Posted by / 06-Nov-2019 23:10

What are the craziest things that you’ve done with someone? What will you have accomplished at work/school one year from now?

What is a favorite memory you have of being with your family?

If your job started negatively impacting our relationship, what would you do?

If you are allowed to do just one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? What are some things about you that you take pride in? What is the most courageous thing you have ever done in your life?

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Do you believe long distance relationships can work? What are your thoughts right now about spending the rest of your life with just one partner?

Do you think it is important to learn any form of a performing art? What do you think of this expression: Where there was fire, ashes remain. What sort of future financial plans/goals do you have? What 3 characteristics do you see as personal weakness. If your parents don’t like me for some reason, is that a deal breaker? Are you willing to move away from your family if you ever have to for a job? Which living celebrity/author/singer would you like to know? If you could meet a famous dead person, whom would you like to meet? What do you think about unfaithfulness in a relationship?

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Do you know someone you think did something heroic? What is more important in life relationships or achievements?