Quotes being accommodating

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Quotes being accommodating

Friendly, accommodating and customer-centered as always. Even though I don't normally have champagne with breakfast at the crack of dawn, I felt compelled to rise to the occasion when it was offered.

We believed that the first priority was not to interfere with any relief efforts that were accommodating the evacuees, and that included Houston, it included San Antonio, it certainly included Baton Rouge.

If you are having sex with a guy and he isn’t interested in investing his emotions, his time or his loyalty, you are in the bangzone.

You are just a bang, just a notch, just someone to kill time with, get his rocks off with until he finds someone who can really keep his attention. They have needs and passions and dreams and frustrations. Your accommodating doesn’t interest him, it amuses him. If he asks you to do something you don’t enjoy doing but are interested in doing with him, then let him know, “I don’t like football but I like being with you, so I will go.” He will appreciate your company even more.

If you are being fake, he can feel it and he will immediately bangzone you.

The bangzone for women is similar to the friendzone for men.

And if you are fake with him, that gives him implicit, subconscious permission to be fake with you in return. A certain amount of time passing doesn’t automatically earn you status or affection in his mind. And while you think it might be the foot in the door to girlfriend territory, you just wrote your own ticket to the bangzone. Reward him for his efforts by sharing more of you, giving more, opening up more.

Players gonna play, and girl, when you’re not real, you’re playing. Just like how, when a “nice guy” buys you dinner, or listens to your emotional downpour, it doesn’t entitle him to sex. You being a complex, caring, interesting person is what will earn his affection and interest. You’ve sacrificed (too much) to be with him and now that you are finally wanting something from him (even just a small thing) and he’s not budging. And he feels like you changed the agreement on him out of nowhere. When you try to change the rules like that, men will do one of two things: 1. You will cry to your friends and obsessively analyze what you could have done wrong, and you will be baffled because for all outward appearances you did everything right! If you really like him, if he’s a great guy, then make him earn your attention and time.

We also plan to reach out to the state high school associations in the affected region to determine how they plan to manage these types of situations and determine how best to work with them.

Eventually you would get over it more or less Dogs are born knowing exactly what they want to do: eat, scratch, roll in disgusting stuff, sniff and squabble with other dogs, roam, sleep, have sex.

Little of this is what we want them to do, of course.

We ask them to sit, stay, smell peasant, practice abstinence, and be accommodating Every sane person has to find every day some manner of accommodating the impossible, some way of covering up for the failures of the rational world.

This might actually be a reasonable definition of sanity The difficulty lay with the mind accommodating itself to the notion of the plane, with all its weight, defying gravity, staying aloft.

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One of the worst things women do when trying to snag a man is to make themselves accommodating.