Race and dating preferences

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If someone were to question the nature of your group brunch photo — the one of you and 30 white gay friends — you wouldn’t be able to avoid critique by saying, “it’s just a preference that I only eat brunch with white people.” You can insist on your racist beliefs, but you don’t get to advertise them free of consequences. It's not just past racism that shapes modern “preferences” either, the present media is also responsible.By setting white people as the standard, people of color are seen as others.First, understand that acknowledging the ways in which you perpetuate racism is not nearly as painful as being on the receiving end of that racism.Ignoring these things as a community isn’t going to solve anything, and talking about it isn’t what’s dividing our community — racism is.But alas, we only have time for one cup of tea today.So sip on this: Racial sexual "preferences" are a lingering vestige of the Jim Crow era “taboo” that is interracial dating.

This might be the most infuriating argument and the one with the least intellectual depth. See, here’s the thing about your sexuality: it wasn’t taught to you.The separation of races as “preference” was also a popular argument against the desegregation of schools and communities during Jim Crow.White people argued that it was of the natural order for blacks to be with blacks and whites to be with whites.Let’s be clear: your only “preference” is to perpetuate racism without criticism.Now, now, before you get your Andrew Christians in a bunch, I’m willing to admit that it’s not entirely your fault — you’ve been had.

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You were born gay, it isn’t a choice — it’s just the way you’re wired.

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