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The weaving of musical worlds and a shared love of the natural wonder inspired the writing of Natural History.

It’s fair to say that there’s almost nothing of thematic or revisionist interest within this film, which consistently leans on unimaginatively framed shoot-’em-ups every 10 minutes or so, with Shiro Tanaka (Shô Kosugi) simply impervious to the identity-less assailants he so easily dispenses.

The spatial setting was an important aspect of the work - sound coming from all sides and from different distances, sound moving through space.

We discussed the importance of having the Klamath Tribe in this piece.

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Can't sleep, or just looking for some midnight fun?Ackerman talked about the lake in terms of ‘Deep Time’ - change happening over thousands of years.This sense of time was a great contrast to the "New York minute" back home.I have written pieces about New York (Gotham), Los Angeles (Dystopia), Miami Beach (El Sol Caliente), and Beijing (Bejing Harmony) - all urban settings.When the Britt Festival commissioned me to write a piece for Crater Lake I wasn’t quite sure where it was.

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Crater Lake was created by an explosion - a volcano that blew up and then collapsed close to 8000 years ago.

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  1. If you say “ayuh” for “yes” and have experienced a year of no less than ten different seasons, you’re probably from Maine. When you live in Maine, you learn to anticipate all kinds of weather.