Re os dating pyrite

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Re os dating pyrite

In order to address this problem we have applied Re-Os dating of main-stage pyrite ore at Lisheen because pyrite has been found to retain its primary Re-Os age information despite younger thermal disturbances.From the Bog Zone at Lisheen we have located main ore stage pyrite with Re contents suitable for Re-Os geochronology.The widely proposed syngenetic and syndiagenetic models require that mineralization coincided with or occurred fairly soon after the ca.346 Ma stratigraphic age of the host sequence at Lisheen and elsewhere, but none of the available age constraints for sulfide mineralization match this age, a problem complicated by younger Variscan events.He is also a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.

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Consequently, genetic models for ore formation are poorly constrained and remain controversial.

The Irish Midlands region contains one of the world’s largest hydrothermal Zn-Pb ore districts, but uncertainty exists in the timing of mineralization relative to host rock ages.

Ore minerals investigated in detail include molybdenite, pyrite and arsenopyrite which have been applied to understand the origin of porphyry, Sed Ex, VMS, IOCG and Orogenic Au deposits globally.

Some key papers include: Using Re-Os isotopes to determine the deposition age of petroleum source-rock formation (organic-rich shales) is a major research theme, both in terms of technical development and application.

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Re-Os isotopes natural hydrocarbons are directly related to source-rock Re-Os isotope character and in some cases Re-Os geochronology of hydrocarbons is possible.