Research on intuition in dating

Posted by / 03-May-2020 09:52

The all-too-common danger that most couples fall into is that problems are created where they don’t really exist.

Instead of thinking (or feeling) “this is a different way of approaching the problem,” one of the people in the relationship loses patience and resorts to a “this-is-wrong” attitude (or worse, a “you-are-wrong” attitude).

Whether you have a preference for Intuition or for Sensing, living in a Sensing-dominated environment comes with unique challenges for flexing and bringing the richness of the Intuitive perspective into the dialogue.

Remember that as someone who’s taken the time to learn about MBTI type, you may be the only one who can bridge the gap.

By introducing wrong or blame into a situation, not only does the other person often become defensive, but it excludes valuable new ideas and perspectives.

And who doesn’t want to be able to remind their partner they’re valued and appreciated?Fear, insecurity, hope, dread, confusion, clarity — they’re normal, natural, and even healthy. They can prevent you from making a foolish mistake. Maybe you just need to stop and think, instead of relying on your gut instincts to tell you what to do when you’re starting a new relationship… When you’re starting a new relationship, your excited heart may overtake your rational brain. Pay attention to those little inklings and nudges and notions that will lead you in the right direction.The problem is learning how to trust your intuition through the din of all those emotions! My “She Blossoms” articles are broken up into five different categories, or Blossom Tips, to cover your spirit, heart, soul, body, and brain. Maybe you need a little spiritual TLC (tender loving care)…if so, the first Blossom Tip will fire up your faith. Learning how to trust your intuition when you’re starting a new relationship takes practice, but you won’t regret it.Inevitably, the responsibility for flexing around type-based differences in perspectives falls on the person who understands the situation best: the person who understands MBTI type.While those with preferences for Intuition in Sensing-dominant environments often learn to flex out of necessity, people who prefer Sensing can also take up the reins of flexing toward Intuition to pull their intuition-preferring partners and coworkers into the Sensing fray.

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If you find yourself rolling your eyes at your partner’s abstract ideas keep in mind that there may be more to their ideas than meets the eye (especially if they have a preference for Introversion where they have worked through the idea before even sharing it with you).