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'Honestly,’ begins Pattinson when we meet up in a hotel in London, 'shooting Remember Me was really difficult.

The Twilight fans were great – they’d come, watch us shoot and would be quiet when they were asked – but the paparazzi, what a bunch of f---ing animals.’ Pattinson explains that the photographers made so much noise – shouting out, trying to 'get a rise’ – that the cast’s dialogue was ruined, and had to be completely re-recorded.

His most high-profile part had been the doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

His agent encouraged him to find similar high-profile roles, but Pattinson opted for a part on stage, taking the lead in a Royal Court production of The Woman Before.

Shortly after landing the part, he admitted that he’d taken Valium in order to get through the Twilight audition.

Last year, apropos of nothing, he whispered in my ear: 'Honestly, I just went for a pee and suddenly about 20 people wanted to shake my hand straight away.

Then one punched the second assistant-director in the face. This is the fifth time I’ve met Pattinson, and each time he’s been bashful, humble and fun to be around – almost too fun.

Today, at just 23, he sits atop a film franchise that is expected to make in excess of £1.3 billion by the time it ends.According to news channel, Robert Pattinson confirmed that he has broken up all the relationships and dating with his ex-girlfriend Nina Schubert Robert Pattinson Girlfriend Anne issue He hadn’t speak so much about his new affairs in the interview but i have the total script. He was recently discovered by Kings of Leon concert on October 15, cosmopolitan, to play tonsil hockey with his new tight, Anne.Met through mutual friends and is reported to be dating since July. But we know how Hollywood romance go, I am sure that next spring for our sexy vampire heartthrob has moved to a new girl. The man he played was supposed to be troubled, so Pattinson decided he would 'do something really weird’.But his over-acting didn’t go down well and he was fired shortly before opening night.

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He has already filmed the third in the series, Eclipse, and will shoot the fourth and final chapter, Breaking Dawn, at the end of the year.

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