Russian singles dating world

Posted by / 13-Dec-2020 22:17

Or, it would be, had it not been for the huge disparity in the number of men and women. It’s over 70% of Russia’s territory but less than half of the country’s population calls it home.

You don’t really feel that in large cities but it’s very obvious once you’re on the road. Virtually every club in Siberia has more women than men.

As for the fat thing – some Siberian women are curvier.If you come from a southern country, you might find Siberian winters a bit tough.They are, however, not any different from Scandinavian or even North Germany winters.Most girls start looking for a serious partner way before that.None of the Siberian women I know has gone through a “slutty phase”.

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Mostly, though, it’s all the layers they wear in winter.