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Now, in the movie version of this story — which has totally cut out how nervous and pathetic I acted — we end up being together for a long, long time. We did all kinds of couple things together, like going to her sister's holiday party and celebrating my birthday and having sex with the lights on.Unfortunately for my teenage dreams, I started to realize we weren't necessarily the match I prayed we would be.She stayed local for school, while I went away to Syracuse.After college, I moved back home for a few months, then moved again for a new job.Before we went to bed, she changed into pajamas she'd brought with her — apparently I was the only one who wasn't convinced she was staying over the whole time — and we brushed our teeth together. When I woke up with her in my arms a few hours later, I knew I wasn't dreaming.I distinctly remember making out again afterward and marveling at how adorable she looked in matching PJs, a faint taste of spearmint still on the corners of her mouth. Laying there together before anyone else woke up, I admitted something I'm sure she already knew to be true: I had a huge crush on her high school.Here's a plot line for you: 10 years after graduating from high school, a guy returns home for the holidays and visits a local bar where he finds and reconnects with his high school crush. If you've seen the movie "Can't Hardly Wait," this girl was my Jennifer Love Hewitt. ), was on the cheerleading team (for at least one year) and most importantly, nearly all the guys I knew had a crush on her.

As soon as she left to go back behind the bar for even a moment, a debriefing began."There's no fucking way this is going to work," I told my friends."How do you know that? Which, hey, I took as a win considering that anything other than "I hate you. And that's when I began to sweat more than I ever have in my life.

Naturally, I never once acted on this fantasy of mine — settling for the idea that there was, in fact, a better chance I'd become president of the United States than gett with her.

When we graduated from high school, we continued to drift further apart.

More often than not, she'd make time to sit and catch up at my table, ask about how my dad was doing or what this friend or that friend was up to.

I'd be so nervous about what to say and how to handle myself around her without coming off like a weirdo, I'd typically do just that.

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