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Santino marella dating tamina

Torrie was once married to fellow WWE star Billy Kidman but the couple was only able to last four years before it ended in divorce.

Sunny was the first ever WWE Diva and was once seen as one of the best managers in the company before she left and began what could be seen as quite a descent in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

Mickie James came into WWE back in 2005 when she was seen as a stalker of former Women's Champion Trish Stratus.

The following year after Stratus retired, Mickie then took over and became a popular star on the WWE brand.

Sunny has gleefully shared details of her interactions with these stars over the past few years, which is one of the reasons why the company has tried to put as much distance between themselves and her over the past few years.

Shayna Baszler was the runner-up of the first ever Mae Young Classic when she was defeated by Kairi Sane in the final of the tournament last summer.

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Shayna has since been promoted to the NXT division where she has dominated every woman that she has stepped into the ring against.