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Sappho online dating

Sappho was an ancient Greek female poet who wrote lyrical poetry famous for its intense passion and description of love.

Being born on the Isle of Lesbos she is also referred to as the first Lesbian poet.

Little is known of her actual life, though she was born around 620BC, and died approximately 50 years later.

Unfortunately, much of her poetry has been lost, although some poems have been painstakingly pieced together through surviving fragments.

The poems were also sung to music, meaning they needed to be lyrical in form.“Some an army of horsemen, some an army on foot and some say a fleet of ships is the loveliest sight on this dark earth; but I say it is what- ever you desire: and it it possible to make this perfectly clear to all; for the woman who far surpassed all others in her beauty, Helen, left her husband — the best of all men — behind and sailed far away to Troy; she did not spare a single thought for her child nor for her dear parents but [the goddess of love] led her astray [to desire…] […which] reminds me now of Anactoria although far away, Her poems were written in Aeolic Greek dialect; as this dialect was quite rare, it explains why her poems became increasingly lost as fewer people were able to translate them.

The difficulties of the Aeolic Greek metre, also means there is considerable variance in English translations. “Biography of Sappho”, Oxford, Women who changed the world – Famous women who changed the world.

One might say I was a high achiever, a go getter type of gal. I think it fascinates me because I don’t let go very easily, and I am intrigued with how those peaceful, go with the flow kind of people do that.

At that level of energy, it’s not likely anything good will come your way. It’s in a technique I learned in coaching school called detached involvement.But there was a tiny problem with that line of thinking.I couldn’t ignore the fact that most of the time I really did care. And the more I controlled, the more I repelled what I wanted away from me.It has been suggested, with little authority, that Sappho may have been the head of some formal academy like a school.However, it is more likely to be a less formal circle of friends.

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Her poems express great passion for a variety of people – both men and women; they may have been autobiographical or not.