Scott wolf dating

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Scott wolf dating

Apparently he is some bad guy who claims he is Theo Raeken but it's not the Theo they remember well Stiles mostly thinks which has Scott almost convinced.

I on the other hand don't think that, I've gotten close to him and have gotten to know him pretty well and he has never shown any kind of sign he is a bad guy plus he does not try and hide anything or act suspicious in any way. This sucks because it has lead us to date secretly which is a challenge.

(Read More...) Allison falls under the influence of her psychotic grandfather after her mother commits suicide.

(Read More...) Allison helps track down the Alpha Pack and secretly aids Scott and Stiles in their efforts to protect Derek Hale.

(Creatures of the Night) She also appears in flashbacks during the season such as Lies of Omission, A Credible Threat and more prominently in Apotheosis where Sebastien Valet sees her through Scott's memories and mistakes her to be his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet.

The name Argent is an evolved version of the Latin term argentum which means “silver”. Within Teen Wolf, the legend that "silver kills werewolves" refers to the family called "Silver" not the metal.

- not being too overprotective but still keeps an eye out for you when you go on 'missions' with the pack. Allison then instilled a new code; "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." Following her sacrifice to ignite the Nemeton and save her dad, she suffered hallucinations of Kate before closing the door to her mind by embracing her confidence.When a Nogitsune possessed Stiles, she helped find a way to save him. I was hanging out with my brother and our friends at our house.I wish he could of been here, but there this little feud going on with my friends, not really feud they just don't trust him.

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During a skirmish with Oni, Allison is mortally wounded and, in Scott's arms, confesses that she still loved him before dying.

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