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If you are found guilty of (or plead guilty or no contest to) a sex crime, you will be required to register as a sex offender.By law, you must provide personal information on a regular basis to the local chief of police or county sheriff in all jurisdictions where you reside, whether in Colorado or another state.If you know of a community need our call center could address, or have a story idea for our investigative team to pursue, please email us at .In one case, a felony sex offender's motion was granted even after his victim pleaded against it.Applicable classes of offenses and the corresponding minimum periods after which you can petition to discontinue sex offender registration are: Once you are eligible for removal from the Colorado sex offender registry, you can fill out a form to discontinue sex offender registration pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes section 16-22-113, C. However, there may be fees involved for obtaining copies of necessary records.If you are filing a petition from another state that requires you to register, there is a filing fee of 4.

Penalties for failing to register as a Colorado sex offender can include: If you or a loved one has been charged with a Colorado sex offense, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

In addition, if you were at least 18 (or were tried as an adult) and you were convicted of a felony sex offense, your name and information may be listed on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's felony sex offender registry.

Your information may also appear on your local law enforcement agency's website as well as Colorado's aggregated Unified Sex Offender Registry System ("SOTAR").

To access the Maryland State Sex Offender Registry go to: National Sex Offender Registry website can be reached at: Sex Offender Alert Line – 1-866-559-8017 Register your phone number and zip code and you will receive an automated notification call when an offender moves into your zip code.

on the web to be notified by e-mail, telephone or fax when a registered sex offender moves into your zip code area.

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