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Every woman chose a man to sleep with,” Ignatenko writes in one of her books.According to her information, 45 percent of young women who went to vechornytsi lost their virginity before marriage.Zchesy, period blood, was considered the most effective ingredient for a love potion.

To charm a boy, young female Hutsuls would also cast various spells and brew magic potions.Sex between males and female of equal age was taboo.But older women, especially widows, would often take younger men as lovers.According to ua, a website dedicated to Ukraine’s traditions and history, the Hutsuls, an ethnic group of Ukrainians living in the Carpathian Mountains in Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Zakarpattya oblasts, were the most sexually unfettered.During a Hutsul vechornytsi, young men were known to molest, pinch, kiss and even bite their love interests.

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“Parents, born and raised in Soviet Union, where, as we know, ‘there was no sex’, are still afraid or don’t know how to tell their kids about sexuality, Kolomyichyk said.

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