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After a close primary fight, Meyer accepted the party nomination at the brokered 2020 Democratic National Convention and later won re-election against Laura Montez in the general election.Meyer would go on to serve a full term as President from 2021 to 2025.According to Selina, "[Marshall] crowded about my having had to take the bar exam so many times, on how few actual clients I had and how rarely I had prevailed in court, and most underhanded of all, he convinced the Baltimore Sun to run an article about my DUIs and featuring a very unflattering mug shot." During the race, Selina and her campaign were struggling to find anything to attack Marshall on.

Her opponent, Porter Marshall, was an African American veteran who was a regular churchgoer, taught Sunday School, and even built orphanages in Haiti.

Despite being hailed as the first female President and Vice President, she is generally considered to be one of the most ineffective Presidents in American history and her presidency is usually ranked among the worst.

Meyer's most noteworthy achievement is said to be the temporary independence of Tibet until it returned to Chinese sovereignty in the early 2020s.

Selina claims that the majority of her base were addicted to crack-cocaine, and that a bad patch had been poisoned before election day.

According to Selina, some blamed Marshall for the poisoned crack.

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Her loss triggered a mental breakdown which resulted in her temporarily being institutionalized at the Whispering Sands Wellness Center. According to Selina, the press regarded her as "Selina Vanderbilt" because of her loss.

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