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Both of the deterministic models and their ensembles showed a shift to the...Read More8/31/19: This is a closer look at the American and European models from this afternoon plus the official NHC forecast track for Dorian.Monday is our transition day where the ridge is forecast to weaken and since it have a clockwise flow, Dorian is forecast to be steered north toward the Carolinas.There's still a lot of uncertainty on how far inland or how far from the coast Dorian moves on its northward journey so keep checking back in for updates.These nestlings will first leave the nest in late May to early June, approximately 72 days after hatching.Both parents take care of the young eagles even after they leave the nest.Because they are sensitive to human disturbance, it is imperative that the area remains closed to protect the nesting habitat.

EAGLE CAM DOWN FOR THE SEASON - Unfortunately the eagle cam has suffered a hardware malfunction and we are unable to correct the issue until the fall once the eaglets have fledged the nest. The Standley Eagles welcomed their first egg of the season on Feb. The 2nd egg was laid on March 1, 2018 at approximately p.m.

The big ridge that has been steering the storm west toward Florida is forecast to weaken - if Dorian was faster that ridge would have kept Dorian away from our coast but since Dorian slowed down this allows time for the ridge to weaken.

The ridge will still be strong tomorrow so Dorian will continue to slowly move west tomorrow.

The 5 PM Dorian advisory is in and Dorian remains a powerful category 4 hurricane slowly tracking west at 8 mph.

The latest forecast track shows Dorian starting its turn to the north early Monday and nearing the...

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