Shrek movie dialogue dating game princesses

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Animated films have been, in principle, characterised by their simple plots and their classification of characters into two groups: the heroes and the villains.

This simplification of reality is known as stereotyping, a concept introduced by Lippmann in 1922 (1922).

According to Macrae, Stangor and Hewstone (1996: 10), stereotypes are a reflection of a society’s collective knowledge of customs, myths, ideas, religions, and sciences.

One way this knowledge is learned, transmitted and modified is through the information received from indirect sources such as the mass media (ibid.).

We can see how she confronts her ‘prince’ not only with her body language but also with her dialogue.

She casts off her knight to berate him for not being sentimental making use of direct questions: “what are you doing?

However, she gets annoyed with Shrek because he is not interested in romantic interludes.

Unlike the traditional princesses, Fiona reacts against Shrek’s rude behaviour, deviating from the stereotype of good women characterised by passivity.

Direct questions are regarded as face threatening acts characteristic of male discourses in which men use them in an attempt to impose the speaker’s will over the hearer (Brown and Levinson 1987: 101-210).

The first one provides a brief introduction to the concept of stereotypes, the second is devotedto the study of the role of translation inthe representation of gender stereotypes in the cases of two female characters, Fiona and Lola, and two male characters, Donkey and Lenny; and the third one presents the conclusions drawn from the previous analysis.

Stereotypes, gender, dubbing, animated films, sociolinguistic. Films are part of cross-cultural communication and a way of reflecting other identities and cultures.

The manner of presenting otherness is by differentiation and, as Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner (1998: 26) point out, it is “differences rather than sameness which we notice” and this tendency to highlight differences produces the creation of stereotypes.

As defined in the dictionary, stereotypes are unvarying forms or patterns, fixed or conventional notions of a group of people or an idea held by a number of people and which allow for no individuality or critical judgment (Michael and Grant 2010: 1394).

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The traits of those groups of people usually have an evaluative connotation that makes them view things either positively or negatively (Oakes and Reynolds 1997: 54).