Silverlight treeviewitem not updating dating service in us

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The code that is retrieving the on-demand data is in my View Model, so I don't even have a reference to my Rad Tree View control in this file to call its Update Layout() (this is the correct way to do things in MVVM).

I also don't have access to any of the tree view items (only my Object Explorer Items), so I can't set the Is Expanded property.

I tried this as follows: Firstly, this doesn't solve the problem, and secondly, it shouldn't even be necessary because the Children property is already observable without having to manually raise the changed event.

As suggested by Joey, I would like to try to implement the following code after each load on demand: However, remember that I am using MVVM, so all communication to the view must be done through bindings.

when I iterate the treeview, first I find A, it matches first path of A. A11, so I send a web service request to get A's children.

The user must attempt to expand the node for a second time to see the child nodes that were loaded on demand. Clear() then the node expands straight away as expected.

How can I refresh the Tree Vuew & Tree View Item when its Items Source changes?

here is the xaml for treeview definition When populating Tree View Item's children, you don't update Data Context, you update Items Source.

I have read through the comments and suggestions above, but I can't see how any of the solutions can be used in my situation. However, I also have a Refresh option, which needs to clear the old items before loading refreshed ones, so I can't just remove the call.

It was mentioned that the On Property Changed event should be raised on the Children property in the setter for the children.

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How can I programmatically update the tree so that it fires the Node Formatting event (where my nodes are updated)?