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Also, trust me when I say that I’ve had some of the worst dates yet. , a reality TV show fueled by wine and bad vacations, has proven to be far more serious than usual. In the case of Sonja Morgan’s experience, it was also genuinely worrisome.There was over 100,000 people at New York Comic Con. I feel like if the show actually wanted to get to know the “geeks” and wanted to understand the fandom, they would have.But it was basically just a lot of “I collect toys, so girls think I’m weird and they don’t date me.” They touched, barely, on the Star Wars fandom that a few of the daters they followed had.But we come to the same basic issue that comes with any reality show; how much is real. How much of it made him look more awkward than what he actually is?Maybe if the show felt sincere, or felt like it was real…maybe I would feel different about it.

Not only does the Countess herself seem more thoughtful about her behavior, but so do all of the women around her.livened up the proceedings with this week's “Dating Wishes and Cabaret Dreams.” The episode revolved around a speed dating event anchored by all seven cast members, including the ones with long-term boyfriends. I tried to keep an open mind, but in the end I felt what I thought I would, which is insulted.Dating is hard, whether you’re a Geek or a Jock or a Princess…dating is hard. But I felt insulted, because I’m one of those geeks.There’s nothing like spending Valentine’s Day on your couch watching unrealistically beautiful people navigate the pitfalls of dating.But that’s what Netflix is giving us with its latest foray into reality television, suggest that this Netflix dating show is more fantasy than reality.

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I felt that if they really wanted to get into it, they really should delve into what makes us so different from the “normal” people. Follow up on the stories and if their romance and fandom became something more.

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