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Based on your tier, this is what you would need to spend to earn 9,000 On Business Points: Tier On1: £9,000 Tier On2: £7,200 Tier On3: £6,000 The On Business Points can be redeemed for the Company's employees, their employees' family members as well as consultants or contractors (where the consultant or contractor is directly contracted to the On Business Company). Changes done offline through Contact Centre or Airport Ticket Office may be charged a fee.Visit Global service fee page for more information.However, you by joining a frequent flyer programme you can earn points for yourself which will give you a number of rewards as a traveller.Joining the British Airways Executive Club is free and besides collecting Avios and accessing exclusive benefits as you move up the tiers, you will also advance oneworld The points you earn are based on the amount of money spent on Fare Carrier imposed charge / fuel and your tier level.This applies to both direct bookings and bookings through your Travel Management Company. However, everyone within your Company who travels for business can earn On Business Points for the Company as well as Avios for themselves by joining British Airways Executive Club. Joining the Executive Club is free and besides earning Avios and accessing exclusive benefits, you will also advance oneworld The account role determines which privileges an individual is assigned and therefore which features of the On Business programme they can access.For a Company to join On Business, an account must have an Authoriser, the other roles are all optional.Just make sure to insert both airline frequent flyer number as well as Company's On Business membership number when making a booking.We offer benefits that are real and relevant to you and your business.

You can apply a Cabin Upgrade at the time of your booking or once the booking is made.

If SR CLID CX entered it will either error at time of entry (if CX does not have bilateral agreement for use of SSR CLID with the booking GDS) or be rejected/ignored by Carrier CX as information is irrelevant to them.

Note: In all examples below OB12345678 = the On Business Membership Number.

Note: You can also collect On Business Points by utilising the British Airways American Express On Business has three tiers.

Once a Member, you will automatically enter Tier On1 and progress through to tiers On2 and On3 as you spend more on company travel – based on the amount you spend on Eligible Fare Carrier imposed charge / fuel in a year.

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As your Company progresses through the tiers, the points earning rate is boosted.