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She has gone out on at least 100 first dates, interacted with over 1000 guys, and reviewed at least 10000 profiles.

If there was a Masters in Online Dating, Bonnie’s earned it.

The guys may not stick around long, but there are always options for these women. As I’ve mentioned in a previous story, I think one of the main reasons men date crazy chicks is something they don’t even realize: When a guy dates the crazy chick and the relationship invariably unravels, the guy can take zero accountability. Like the I-always-seem-to-date-a-crazy-chick clueless guy, the I-always-seem-to-end-up-with-a-jerk clueless woman exists, too. Perhaps she mistakes control and dominance for love. Usually, the crazy girl is incapable of hiding her crazy. Usually a guy dating a crazy girl knows it within a few dates (if not the very first date).

Crazy chicks aren’t usually single for long even if most of their “relationships” tend to be short-lived. There are multiple reasons a woman is making that choice. I think a bad boy resembles the crazy girl in that he usually owns his love ’em-and-leave ’em MO from the get-go.

At least give a few of those women/men a chance as an opportunity for you to grow into a new, potentially healthier dating phase.

The craziest women I know always have guys circling around. Having said that, I totally acknowledge that some women could be in a room with 99 nice guys and 1 bad boy…and they would pick the jerk every time. Upon further reflection, I see one major difference between the crazy girl, the bad boy, and the jerk.As a past jerk and being a guy — meaning I’ve spent plenty of time meeting and hanging out with other dudes who are big jerks — I think I have pretty good experience and some of the best insight when it comes to detecting one in the wild, or even someone who you might think you know intimately. I understand it can be difficult discerning a singularity from a lasting character flaw, but usually after hanging out with someone long enough, you should have enough data points to make a sound conclusion. So desperate that people are willing to overlook huge red flags waving in front of their faces.Still, it’s crazy how often girls end up with jerks and say “I had no idea” after the fact. I mean, This article is geared towards women trying to detect guys who are jerks. The longer I date, the less I believe those statements.Though they may appear to have nothing in common at first glance, upon further reflection, they do share some similarities. And, of course, said nice guys share their frustration at the hypocrisy of women’s words and actions. Heck, I was almost duped by an insincere charmer who was actually a manipulator and user.

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You need to honor yourself and what you are attracted to, but I would recommend revisiting what you are looking for.