Stories of internet dating

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Stories of internet dating

On the site the man’s name was “Maurice Jones,” but following a tip the police arrested Karon Godbold at his apartment.Godbold had been using the alias for his online profiles.

At this point, Jones allegedly held his victim at gunpoint and raped her.

He could be found prowling multiple dating sites such as Christian Mingle and Somehow she must have changed his mind, because Banks claims they began to kiss and move to the bedroom. After the two hung out for a bit, Redden allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

The two unidentified women he met on these sites (K. The next day it was reported that Redden sent her a text message, and asked her if she was mad about the sexual acts.

In the other case, Rogers is accused of inviting a girl over he had met online and smoking marijuana with her.

After, she was raped at gunpoint just like his other alleged victim.

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Well Redden, she was and she had already notified Cleveland’s sex crime investigators.

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  1. I love the sound of the cuffs as they lock around your wrists, it symbolizes the point at which you have lost control and the point when I have you exactly where I want you.