Top scandinavian dating sites

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You can filter searches based on diverse criteria, however, including self-ascribed attributes such as “devoted” or “likes (certain type of music)”, not to mention height and age.

Supposedly Mötesplatsen is the Swedish dating site which scores “best in test”, although we have a hard time sourcing that claim.

It may not be science, but it’s sort of cool – there’s nothing like the thrill of getting a message from a 97% match.

The selection of Swedes is slightly limited – and dare we say a bit reserved?

It’s not a Swedish site (it has 130 million users from around the world) but has many members in Sweden, many of whom write their profiles in easily-accessible English.Compare the differences, and see for yourself, then join us, and be part of the PREMIER DATING NETWORK "in crowd!" Over the past 10 years, our company has created the most popular specialized dating sites in the world, and since then we have used our marketing expertise to drive millions of new members to these top brands.A few magazines at least apparently ranked it above other Swedish sites such as and e Darling.It’s also a Swedish site, and therefore full of mostly Swedes, but it’s generally a bit older and a bit “more serious” than Happy Pancake. But if you want to meet people of the opposite gender in Stockholm fast, then it’s gold.

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  1. Not someone that lies just to make it all about her and creates drama out of nothing to interrupt a perfectly pleasant evening just to get a rise out of you or others. Now that was a little overwhelming, you may think to yourself, “what’s left” sometimes women can portray themselves as something and not actually end up being that bad so always air on the side of caution but if she seems worth it then there is no harm in giving it a try.

  2. All the features you need to find that special someone are all free — not to mention Match hosts numerous events throughout the month for users to meet in person, including happy hours and trivia nights.