Transsexuals in prison dating

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Transsexuals in prison dating

Doe is a woman, and transferring her to a women’s facility, there is much more work to be done to ensure compliance with recently enacted law protecting the rights of transgender prisoners so that people like Ms.Doe do not continue to unnecessarily experience harm in our correctional facilities.” “This case has underscored that transgender people must be treated with dignity and respect in every sphere of our society, including prisons,” added GLAD Senior Attorney Ben Klein.I was threatened, harassed, and humiliated nearly every day, and lived in constant fear for my safety. I’m serving my time, but no one should have to face what I did when I was at Norfolk.I hope my case can lead to the transfer and humane treatment of other transgender women in prison.“For transgender women of color who are housed in men’s facilities as was Ms.Doe, the daily stresses of prison life are severely and unfairly compounded.

The simple answer is not to get sent to prison, and that is one of my aims in life.“It’s a hugely important development,” said Jennifer Levi, the director of GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project.“Transgender women should not be placed in men’s correctional facilities against their wishes.But after the Karen White fiasco, it is clearly not a good idea to hold them with women either.One of the reports that emerged from New Hall prison described White’s penis, “sticking out of the top of her pants, covered by her tights.” Such accounts leave me very reluctant to agree to be held with people like White.

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GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and Prisoners Legal Services (PLS) announced today that Jane Doe, a transgender woman who had been incarcerated at Norfolk State men’s prison has been transferred to the state’s women’s facility at Framingham.

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