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look at stats of my shitty players and we supoused to finnish last normaly i play instant result but i did watch few games "Total Domination" should be name of this tactic Just to clarify things up, this is not my tactic, and I have not played on a real save on the long run.

Not sure how it will do without OI, looks like it is still great.[url= This must be some cheat tactic...

I personally think its frustrating trying these tactics on here and finding that playing as celtic or rangers just doesn't seem to work, obviously due to the fact we just are not as good as the man city, juventus and barca's etc most of these tactics are tested with.

Then now and again a tactic comes up that even celtic can really overachieve.

Excellent stuff so far I'll give this a go but I can't play the game with these rules, where is the fun? 4-make no team talks (I'm in charge of team talks, but say nothing to avoid getting bad/good influence to the tactic). I have already tested with Watford, Stoke and Spurs.

I've explained it a couple of times but for those that don't know how I test tactics here it goes: My usual method to fast test a tactic in TFF's Tactic Testing League(v2): 1-actually play every match as I DON'T TRUST INSTANT RESULT/SIMULATE MATCH.. There are few others were also tested and given their feedback in chicken wing thread.

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Testing this with Chelmsford ATM and it's going pretty well considering my team is favourite for relegation and I've got a crap squad. Tells you little about the players needed to fit the system when they are named attacker one.